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T6411 Reversing Solenoid Unit


T6411-12 Reversing Solenoid 115A 12V IP66

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The Quick T6411-12 is a 12V reversing contactor that is lower wattage and able to operate electric motors for windlasses and capstans. Due to the external connections, this unit is very easy to install. The casing of this unit is IP66 waterproof. This unit is sold complete with the solenoid unit and product sheet.


Motor Wattage 12V 24V
150 T6411-12
250 T6411-12
300 T6415-12 T6415-24
500 T6415-12 T6415-24
700 T6315-12 T6315-24
1000 T6315-12 T6315-24
1400 T6315-12 T6315-24
1500 T6315-12 T6315-24
1700 T6315-12 T6315-24
2000 T6315-24
2300 T6315-24
3000 T6315-24

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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