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Do you customize orders?

Yes, will customize orders depending on the product and the amount of work needed to be performed. Please contact’s customer service & order customization assistance at Ph: 410-636-5991 or by email at

What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal windlass?

Vertical windlasses occupy less space on deck with the motor gearbox installed below deck. Also the 180° in which the anchor rode is wrapped around the gypsy, gives a better grip.

Horizontal windlasses is much easier to install and once fastened only has to be connected. It is also possible to install the whole unit below deck in the anchor locker/forepeak.

Which windlass should I choose?

In order to make the right choice you will need to know:

  1. Boat: length
  2. Desired chain/rope type and dimensions
  3. Weight of the anchor

Please consult catalogue and downloadable product manual or call Quick USA customer service phone line at (410) 636-5991 for assistance.

Does the windlass come with a manual recovery system in case of power loss?

Quick windlasses Antares, Argo and Hector are equipped with a manual lift system in case of power loss.

Can I free fall the chain?

All Quick windlasses come with a manual free fall system. The windlass model Genius Free-Fall even allows the user to automatically free fall the chain by the touch of a button.

Does the windlass need maintenance?

Periodically, it’s recommended to remove salt deposits from external surfaces using fresh water. You should remove the drum (if applicable), the gypsy and clutch cones, clean and grease (with marine grease) the gypsy, the shaft and the clutch cones contact points. Remove any oxide deposits from the solenoids unit terminals and grease them.

Can I convert my low profile windlass into a drum version?

Yes by purchasing our conversion kit, which contains all necessary parts to complete the conversion.

What is supplied with the windlass?

All Quick windlasses ship with a clutch handle, solenoids or reversing solenoids, drilling template, the base gasket, apart from models where it is necessarily to use silicone (indicated in the user manuals), studs and nuts, warranty card and user manual.

What is the difference between solenoids and reversing solenoids units?

The reversing solenoids units are used for motors with two or four poles. General solenoid units are used when the motor has three poles, regardless of motor power.

Which solenoids units are used to operate 300-500-700-1000 Watt?

The solenoids unit (or reversing solenoids unit for two poles motors) is first and foremost chosen based on whether the motor power supply is 12 or 24 Volt, and then depending on the wattage power. You may consult the table to find the suitable solenoids unit for your windlass.

Why does the 500 W motor has two poles while the 1000W has three and the 3000W four?

Up to 500W, permanent magnet (i.e. two poles) motors can be used. Boaters with wattage power over this amount can achieve greater performances with wound field motors because they can use greater number of poles.

Can I use both rope and chain on the same gypsy?

Yes this is possible depending on the windlass model. Which models are suitable for a rope/chain combination are clearly indicated on, catalogue, and the user manual. Customers can also call Quick USA’s customer service or technical support phone line at (410) 636-5991.

What kind of splice is recommended?

Quick recommends the use of a three-strand rope. The rope size is indicated in the user’s manual of the windlass, and the splice should be done by an expert.

Can a 10 mm gypsy work with an 8 and 6 mm chain as well?

No, the gypsy is dedicated exclusively for the specified chain size (i.e.10 mm)

Can I change chain size?

Yes, Quick supplies different kind of gypsies. Depending on the windlass model Quick has gypsies for chain ranging from 6 to 14mm.

Can I change gypsy?

Yes, each windlass model has corresponding chain sizes range that will work.

For how many years can the motor be used before changing the brushes?

This depends on how the equipment is being used. However, all Quick windlasses come with a 3 year full warranty.

How do I return a product?

QuickUSAstore.comReturn Steps

  • When you receive the original shipment, please save the invoice, packaging, manuals, box, bags, product and any accessories.
  • Please call customer service at PH: 410-636-5991 and request a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). will use this number to process your return and issue a refund.
  • Pack the product in the original box. If you do not have the box or it’s damaged, please notify customer service when you call to coordinate RMA. Other items to include with return shipment include:
    • Copy of the invoice
    • Order number
    • RMA number
    • Written reason for the return
    • Products and parts
    • Product manuals
  • Customer’s will need to contact a shipping delivery service (ex: UPS or FedEx) and make arrangements to have product shipped to Returns Department and processing facility.
  • Return products must be in “saleable” condition to receive refund (As determined upon inspection by Return’s Department).
  • We are not responsible for lost or damage return shipments. recommends that you properly insure the package in case of theft, damage, or loss by the shipping carrier.
  • After receives your return, we will inspect and issue a final product disposition. Depending on the condition of the product, a refund will be issued.
  • reserves the right to approve or refuse all returns.
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