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Bow and Stern Thrusters

The thrusters catalogue of Quick offers many solutions, all with high building quality and navigation safety standards.

The range includes:

  • Bow Thrusters, Stern Thrusters
  • Rectractable bow thrusters
  • Bow and stern thrusters tunnels
  • Wireless Handheld Remote Control
  • Joystick Controllers
  • Thruster Fuse Holders
  • Cables and Splitters

Easy-to-install and designed to fully meet any owner’s need, Quick Spa bow and stern thrusters are offered in various models.

Let’s find them out together.

Bow Thrusters and stern thrusters

Quick Spa offers many types of thrusters, with single and double propeller. Quick BTQ 300 is a double counter-rotating propeller bow thruster in sturdy composite material.The solenoid unit is protected by a sturdy composite material, the gearbox is made of bronze and the zinc anode is independent from the gearbox, thus allowing easy replacement. It is also equipped with an elastic coupling. This unit is sold complete with thruster and user manual.

BTQ125, instead, is a single-propeller bow thruster in sturdy composite material.  The solenoid unit is protected by a sturdy composite material, the gearbox is made of bronze and the zinc anode is independent of the gearbox, thus allowing  easy replacement. It is also equipped with an elastic coupling.  The product is sold complete with bow thruster and user manual.

Rectractable bow thrusters

The range also includes rectractable bow thrusters that, once retracted, allows the hull to return to its original form, without changing its hydrodynamics.

Among them, BTR is a rectractable bow thruster in high-quality Nibrall and AISI 316 Stainless steel. It is  a reliable, easy and safe retractable bow thruster system for your boat. The unit includes a counter flange which, separate from the supporting structure, makes installation easy, safe and compliant to current regulations on joint requirements. The engine is joined to the structure inside of the keel. The unit also includes single moving body crossing the in-out barrier, protection against mechanical overloading caused by accidental impacts when the system is open and protection against galvanic corrosion by means of sacrificial anodes

Thruster Tunnels

They are fiberglass cylinders for bow thruster that have various diameters depending on the bow thruster  they will accommodate.

Joystick Controllers

The Quick TCD series remote control systems are designed to control the stern and bow thrusters manufactured by Quick. The TCD 1062 control panel is for operating the BTQ bow thruster through a joystick and integrated main switch button. Highlights include user-friendly interface, universal power supply (from 8 to 30 Vdc), possibility to work in a wide range of ambient temperatures, capability of connecting to several TCD controls in parallel, easy installation by means of a 2 wire connector (optional extensions), automatic priority system and disablement, protection against reversed polarity, short circuit output, prolonged activity of motor and interruption of thruster controls wiring.

Cables and Splitters

The Quick TCDEX is a control extension cable used on the Quick BTQ bow thruster series to connect the bow or stern thrusters system to the TCD remote panel control system. This unit is sold complete with extension cable. The Quick TCDSP splitter, instead, is a wiring harness that is used to connect the TCDEX control cables on the Quick BTQ bow and stern thruster installation. This is used to connect the thrusters the TCD control panels where a splitter is required.

Thruster Fuse Holder

The fuse holder is used to store the fuses for the bow thruster installation. This is the first step for installation.


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