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TCD 1044 Double Joystick Controller


TCD1044 Controller with double joystick


The Quick TCD series remote control systems have been designed to control the stern and bow thrusters manufactured by Quick. The TCD 1044 control panel is for operating the BTQ bow thruster through double joysticks. Features of this unit include simple and intuitive user interface, universal power supply (from 8 to 30 Vdc), it can work in a wide range of ambient temperatures, it has the capability of connecting to several TCD controls in parallel, it is easy to install by means of a 2 wire connector (optional extensions), it has an automatic priority system and disablement, and it is protected against reversed polarity, short circuit output, prolonged activity of motor and interruption of thruster controls wiring. This unit is sold complete with the remote control panel and user manual.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


TCD 1044
Current   capacity of thruster commands 4A max
Supply   voltage (1) da 8 a 30 Vdc
Current   absorption at rest (2) 10 mA
Operating   temperature from -20 to +70 °C
Protection   rating (3) IP 66
Dimensions including frame (W x H x D) 3″ 5/64 x 5″ 5/32 x   4″ 11/32
Weight 0.55 lb
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