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The anchoring equipment catalogue of Quick Spa offers a wide range of solutions which include:

– Stainless Steel Bruce Claw Anchors
– Stainless Steel Delta Anchors
– Galvanized Delta Anchors
– River Anchors
– Anchor Chains
– Anchor Chains and Ropes
– Stainless Steel Shackles
– Chain Stoppers
– Bow Rollers of various types

Easy to install and designed to meet the most varied owners’ needs, Quick Spa anchoring solutions guarantee safe anchoring and are available in different models, let’s analyze them below.

Stainless Steel Bruce Claw Anchor

The Bruce Claw anchor is a popular anchoring system due to its impeccable holding power and excellent performance in nearly all sea bottoms. This anchor is one of the easiest anchors to set.

If you have ever had some troubles setting your anchor in the past, you will be impressed with how effortlessly the claw sets nearly every time.

Stainless Steel Delta Anchor

The Delta anchor leads the way in innovative anchor engineering. The high-quality manganese steel used in the construction of the Delta anchor gives it maximum tensile strength. Its unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta anchor self-launching. The low center of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set immediately.

River Anchor

The river anchor is specifically designed for river and mud bottom lakes. Its tri-fluke design and cast iron construction facilitate penetration in softer conditions and holding structure in heavy current. This anchor is coated with resistant plastisol which resists both salt and fresh water.

Anchor chain

The galvanized steel anchor chain is sold in different diameters and lengths, ranging from a minimum of 7mm DIN766 1 foot to a maximum of 10mm DIN 766 300 feet.

Anchor chain with Rope

An anchor rode is a connection system between the anchor and the boat and its sturdiness during mooring is undoubtedly essential. The critical point is the splice where the rope and chain are connected. Quick has developed a slim splice system that is much slimmer and more tapered, preventing jamming which often occurs during the transition from rope to chain during anchoring. Quick Slim Splice consists of a calibrated chain and a top-quality 3-strand polyester rope, to guarantee optimum strength and life.

Chain stopper for 8/10/12 mm

For chain up to 16 mm (short link) and 12,5 mm (Studlink), Studlink chain up to 22 mm, Anchor Stopper for Bow Rollers, Anchor safety strap, and AISI 316 stainless steel

Bow Rollers

Quick Spa offers various bow rollers, from traditional self-launching stainless steel models to the traditional 597 mm long straight stainless stell bow roller.


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