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Totem Capstan


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The Totem is a capstan with a vertical mounted motor below the deck with an easy drop in installation. This unit comes equipped with an IP67 watertight motor and epicyclical gearbox. The drum and base are composed of chrome plated bronze. This unit is sold complete with the capstan, solenoid unit, clutch handle, mounting hardware, and users manual.

TM3500 W8 – 12 m26 – 39 ft
TM3800 W 12V11 – 14 m36 – 46 ft
TM3800 W 24V11 – 18 m36 – 59 ft

The indication may vary according to the boat type

Additional information

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 11 in

TM3 1100 CAPSTAN 800W 24V, TM3 600 CAPSTAN 500W 12V, TM3 1000 CAPSTAN 800W 12V

Technical Specs

Standard version
Totem 600Totem 1000Totem 1100
Motor   power500 W1000 W800 W
Motor   supply voltage12 V12 V24 V
Maximum   pull1367 lb1808 lb1808 lb
Maximum   working load441 lb640 lb640 lb
Working   load144 lb210 lb210 lb
Current   absorbtion @ working load (1)60 A80 A40 A
Maximum   chain speed (2)73.8 ft/min85 ft/min85 ft/min
Maximum chain speed @ working load (2)53.5 ft/min55 ft/min55 ft/min
Drum Ø3” 5/323” 5/323” 5/32
Weight17.9 lb17.9 lb17.9 lb
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