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Hector – HC3 D


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The Hector is a horizontal windlass application perfect for boats with limited space in the anchor locker. This unit is composed of anodized aluminum in hard oxide with a composite motor jacket which is durable element when dealing with harsh marine environments. This unit comes in different variations such as with drum, with the drum on the gypsy, and without drum. It also has various gypsy sizes for rope and chain retrieval. Equipped with an emergency manual lift system you can easily retrieve your anchor during instances when you may lose battery power on your boat as well as a manual free fall system to quickly drop the anchor. This unit is sold complete with the windlass, solenoid unit, clutch handle and mounting hardware.

Hector700 W7 – 10 m23 – 33 ft
Hector1000 W10 – 13 m33 – 43 ft
Hector1500 W12 – 15 m39 – 50 ft
GYPSY8 mm – 5/16″10 mm – 3/8″
CHAIN8 mm8 mm5/16″5/16″10 mm3/8″
ROPE1/2″ (12,7 mm) – 9/16″ (14,2 mm) – 5/8″ (15,8 mm)5/8″ (15,8 mm)

The values in the table refer to a three-strand polyester rope with a rope/chain splice manufactured with the “Quick®” system.

Additional information

Dimensions17 × 17 × 11 in

Gypsy Size




700W, 1000W, 1500W


12V, 24V


Standard version
Hector 700 / D / DBHector 1000 / D / DBHector 1500 / D / DB
Motor   power700 W1000 W1500 W
Motor   supply voltage12 V24 V12 V24 V12 V24 V
Maximum   pull2425 lb2425 lb2860 lb2860 lb3300 lb3300 lb
Maximum   working load661 lb815 lb793 lb1080 lb992 lb1212.5 lb
Working   load220.5 lb275.5 lb286,5 lb353 lb331 lb408 lb
Current   absorbtion @ working load (1)90 A50 A140 A80 A150 A85 A
Maximum   chain speed (2)85 ft/min96 ft/min122 ft/min129 ft/min123 ft/min131 ft/min
Maximum chain speed @ working load (2)46 ft/min50 ft/min58.4 ft/min69 ft/min58.4 ft/min63 ft/min
Weight-   H – [without drum]50 lb50 lb53 lb53 lb53 lb53 lb
Weight –   HD – [with drum]53 lb53 lb56 lb56 lb56 lb56 lb
Weight –   HDB – [drum on the gypsy ]55 lb55 lb58 lb58 lb59 lb59 lb
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