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BTQ 185 DC Bow Thruster




The Quick BTQ 185 is a single propeller bow thruster composed of a sturdy composite material. Some additional features of this unit are the solenoid is protected by a sturdy composite material, the gearbox is composed of bronze, the zinc anode is independent from the gearbox which allows an easy replacement and it is also equipped with an elastic coupling. This unit is sold complete with the bow thruster and users manual.

Additional information

Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in

BTQ1805524 – 55KGF 24V D185MM, BTQ1805512 – 55KGF 12V D185MM, BTQ1809512 – 95KGF 12V D185MM, BTQ1809524 – 95KGF 24V D185MM, BTQ1807524 – 75KGF 24V D185MM, BTQ1807512 – 75KGF 12V D185MM

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